The Two Buttons Deep Squad Did Breakfast at the Track and Confirmed It’s Basically the Best Part of the Track

Thanks to our friends at CDTA, earlier this week the 2BD squad took a ride up to the Saratoga Race Track to enjoy a quiet morning outdoors watching the ponies warm up. Oh, and we had breakfast. Breakfast at the track is a thing in case ya didn’t know.

It’s a fancy thing that people who can afford a $20 breakfast do to start off their fancy day in Saratoga Springs, probably betting more money on horses than the entire squad here has in their bank accounts combined.

But, we decided to see what the luxury life is all about for a day and boy, we LOVED it.


First of all, going to the track before any people get there is a real treat –like such a treat that it’s worth the early morning wake-up call. No traffic, no trouble parking, no crowds of sweaty people –just that morning glow in the air with a little fog and a sweet breakfast buffet. We got to sit in the sun, enjoy trackside table service and watch the horses warm up AND see the Miller Lite watering truck go by (my favorite part, obviously).

This is the perfect activity if you want to enjoy summer activities in Saratoga, but aren’t super into the crowds or throwing all your money away on bets. The staff was super nice, the atmosphere was second-to-none and it really does make ya feel fancy AF.

We also filmed this week’s Squadcast there which was a first for us, but it was cool to get out of 2BD HQ and take advantage of the beautiful day. And if you watched any of our coverage from our morning in Saratoga, you might be wondering where Marko was. Well, he ghosted us worse than the last six people who did that to you on Tinder.

He literally did not answer us the night before or the morning of as we were trying to coordinate and make these plans. Luckily, we couldn’t even have afforded to pay for his breakfast so we’re pretty happy he was a no-show. Also there was no room on the bench we used for the Squadcast, so joke’s on you Mark.

Anyway, check out our coverage of b-fast at the t-rack (I thought that would be funny but I’m not sure it really plays as well when it’s typed out and not in my head) and stay tuned for more Two Buttons Deep content partnered with our friends at CDTA.

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