I Went to the Painted Pony Rodeo Instead of Travers

For my whole life every time I tell someone where I’m from, they say, Oh! Saratoga, like the track! And I say “yeah like the track” and I give them a shit eating grin because I don’t care about diving into the fact I hate the track.

I do think the track is a fun environment, they serve one hell of a breakfast, and it’s a good excuse to go a couple buttons deep with your friends. But overall I shy away from it, make that Saratoga in general. Just a bunch of foe-rich white men on the prowl and bronzed up girls dressed to the nines for nothing more than a good instagram shot. It’s just not my scene. Also, considering the last time I went out on Caroline Street (“the bar scene” in downtown) it was literally covered in horse shit, I’m especially good without it. Not kidding, horse shit was smeared all over the place and thus tracked into the bars via the heels of innocent drunken bystanders who thus made the bars smell like shit…Not my scene.

I’m smiling because I’m with my friends. Company > Surroundings

Anyways so when the events of all events comes around, Travers weekend, which calls thousands and thousands of people into the area, I shy to a place far far away. I head straight for the Adirondacks. New York’s premier getaway place for people who can’t afford the Hamptons since the 1700’s. Up there you can see the real stars in the sky without the limitations of the city’s light pollution, theres no poop smothered streets, and of course you can still post a killer Instagram.

But the horse racing industry also has a home in the Adirondacks, it’s just a little…different. It’s the painted pony rodeo, and it’s the oldest WEEKLY rodeo in America, I missed that in my Instagram Story coverage. But from the archives, here is my night at the rodeo. Definitely $20 worth of entertainment. Considering all that would get me at the track is a single beer and a losing WPS bet.

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