Woman Finds a Snake in Her Cart at a Wegmans Store in Rochester

I guess nowhere is perfect, not even Wegmans. And Wegmans is pretty much as close to perfect as any place or person can get, but with the news that a shopper in Pittsford, NY found a live snake coiled up around her shopping cart…well that takes the perfection level down a notch or two.


Hate to be all animal-heavy on 2BD lately, especially after we accused the local news stations of using dogs/cute animals for the benefit of more views on this week’s squadcast.

But in the past week, I’ve covered stories about bees, bears and now snakes? What’s up with that? Well, news and news and this snake incident happened to happen in a part of the state that apparently some people consider to be part of Upstate NY.

According to the Associated Press, here’s how the incident went down:

Laura Walitsky says she was at Wegmans in Pittsford on Monday evening when her daughter spotted the hitchhiking reptile wrapped on the bottom of her cart. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports the woman then walked the cart outside and had her daughter tell customer service there was a snake on it.

This might be the most newsworthy piece of the whole story is the level of calmness this mom/daughter duo had when it came to finding a freakin’ snake in their cart. They must be related to me since ya’ll know I’m so cool around bees now.

giphy (11)

Just as many people have to be afraid of snakes as they are of bees. Snakes are sneaky, slimy and fast as hell even though they have no legs to run with. How did a snake get into a Wegmans? I have no idea. But I really don’t blame him or her because it is one of the greatest places in New York, if not the entire world.

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