2BD Squadcast – Week of September 4

– The squad reviews soda as a dipping sauce after a viral video from the US Open showed a women in the crowd doing the same
– New York’s DA hinted that changes to New York’s marijuana policies will be changing soon
– Jack defends himself from the backlash on his recent article about a local alternative paper
– After a new 80’s night club in Saratoga had a rough opening weekend consisting of an owner ripping off the band and kicking out patrons for dancing poorly, the squad tests which moves got people banned from the dance floor.

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  1. Daniel Maddalone

    You reported on The Alt in a way that offered no nuance or tact, and that is why people were upset. The Alt was a weekly (to biweekly paper) that reported on things like ICE in our community and local arts and music all while breaking real stories about local and state government and honestly hearing you offer up your unthoughtful and poorly researched opinion about what happened was annoying to a lot of people. Normally you folks do the hard hitting work of posting a video about which horse at Saratoga farts the most or which summer time horse hat is the horsiest hat for your button down while you ride a boat in downtown Saratoga. Stick with that. I don’t expect you to do any better but I would think you should be wise to the possible foibles of video content based on 3rd tier recycled memes. The Alt had an uphill battle and made real mistakes, but it at least talked about worthwhile things.
    The bubble can burst for anyone, especially in 2018, excited to watch you pop.


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