The 2BD Squad Demonstrates Dance Moves That Would Get You Kicked Out of Saratoga’s New Club, Glory Dayz

This week on the 2BD Squadcast, we covered the topic of a local club that disapproved of certain patrons’ dance moves on the dance floor during its opening weekend. There was so much disapproval, in fact, these people were apparently asked to leave the dance floor and quit movin’ and grovin’ altogether.

Dude, you should be happy people are dancing at your club! Especially on opening weekend, how could you not embrace people having a good time and expressing themselves? Don’t you know the worst outcome would’ve been for everyone to be up against the wall like wallflowers and totally uninterested in your club’s vibe?

It did get us thinking, though –what kind of dance moves were people busting out? So, we had a little fun with this and demonstrated what’d we’d most likely be doing to get ourselves kicked out of an 80s nightclub in Upstate, New York.

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