Dominos Offered Free Pizza for Life to Anyone Who Got a Tattoo of Their Logo But Then Cancelled the Promotion After Too Many People Did it

FoxDomino’s Pizza in Russia was forced to end a promotion offering fans free pizza for life if they got the brand’s logo tattooed “in a prominent place” on their body after the campaign became too popular. The promotion was originally advertised to run for two months, starting Aug. 31, but the pizza chain ended it only five days in after their social media was flooded with excited pizza fanatics all proudly displaying their Domino’s tattoos. The advertisement promised up to 100 free Domino’s pizzas every year for 100 years to anyone who got a tattoo of the company’s logo, posted the photo to social media and proved the authenticity of the ink. 

The company clearly was not expecting so many fans to go under the needle for free pizza and ended the promotion Tuesday, announcing only the first 350 people with tattoos will be awarded the special lifetime deal.

I was pretty shocked to hear that this didn’t go down in America, because this seems like a very American thing to fall for. Chipotle could offer one free burrito a month if you got a tramp stamp of guacamole and chips and you’d see every single white guy studying business administration in college getting inked up by Friday. As someone who hasn’t even considered getting touched by a needle, it boggles my mind how nonchalantly people will get inked. Which is why I’m not surprised this promotion followed suit as it did. What did Dominos expect? Have they seen the tattoos people have these days?

I get it, your body is a canvas and art is your expression. Sure. And I also get that by the time you get your 3rd or 4th tattoo, who gives a fuck really, no turning back now. I’m sure Dominos didn’t take this into consideration. Most people not only get FAR less significant tattoos on their body, they PAY FOR IT. Plus they get nothing in return except a “woooow it’s…nice!” from their family members as they bite their tongue to the point where it bleeds.

I bet the head honchos as Dominos Russia HQ were thinking this would bring some clean slates like myself into the parlor where I would get inked for the first time with nothing but an advertisement for the world’s most popular pizza chain. I’d be a walking advertisement for the rest of my life, but you know what? I get 100 free pizzas each year, so take that, dignity.

I think Dominos messed up big time by cutting this promotion short. Did they even think about the ROI of a real living human being representing their brand for the rest of their time on this earth? Every conversation they ever have would spark off of that tattoo. Do they know word of mouth advertising can be the most effective form there is? Way more than an ad in the evening news. And all they need to pay for this ad is 100 pizzas a year each? That’s at MOST $1,000/year to pay for that walking billboard AND they’re keeping them at bay from competitors. $1,000 for a year is far less than they pay to air a commercial that will come and go in 28 seconds. And besides, let’s be honest, the 100 years of free pizza part of the promotion has to be tongue in cheek because they know damn well anybody whose main diet intake is Dominos Pizza isn’t going to see a glimpse past age 60.

Whatever, at least the people who got the tattoo only to get gipped have a better story than whatever else they have plastered on their skin.

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