Taylor Does Goat Yoga

Who needs Sunday Brunch when you could do yoga with goats instead? Well, I won’t lie, I brunched before (and after) I headed out to the Vischer Ferry General Store for Goat Yoga with NY Goat Yoga this past weekend.


As some of you might know, I am not the most outdoorsy, animal-loving girl in the world, so I needed a few mimosas in me before I stepped into the grass and let some baby goats get all up in my personal space.

I’ve done yoga before, but I’m not a professional yogi as you can see from the mat I dug out of my shed for this video –but I embraced the entire event with no idea what to expect beforehand.


My goat pic was not that impressive…not gonna lie

There was a crowd of about 30 who took the class, so I didn’t feel so alone embarking on this journey knowing all these other people with an Instagram account saw an opportunity to secure about 200 likes and get a good stretch in while doing it. And guess what? It was a pretty awesome time, the hype surrounding goats is pretty real. They’re friendly, not super annoying or aggressive, and actually a lot cuter than I thought they would be.

Was it hard to focus on my practice and fully close my eyes while knowing there were 20 goats around me ready to crawl on me and go potty on my mat at any given moment? Yes, absolutely. But that’s not what goat yoga is about. Goat yoga is about getting outdoors, opening up your mind, hanging with some farm animals and saying you did something so unique that most people don’t ever have a chance to check out.

Watch our latest 2BD Original Video below, and to learn more about NY Goat Yoga and the events they put on, check them out online as well as the Vischer Ferry General Store.

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