Who You Gonna Call…’DWI Guy’ Tom Anelli Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

(syracuse) LIVERPOOL, N.Y. — Tom Anelli, the self-named “DWI guy” lawyer, was arrested Friday night for DWAI, according to New York State Police…

Anelli refused a field sobriety test and was arrested, police said. 

Troopers took him to New York State Police barracks in Lysander, where Anelli blew a .06 BAC on a breath alcohol test, police said. 

The amount of irony this situation presents itself with is deserving of the thousands of comments keyboard warriors shall produce. But I see this from a different light. I don’t think Tom Anelli is a bad person driving drunk, rather a dedicated lawyer doing some field research to help his clients.

All of these local DUI lawyers are good at representing those with DWI charges and they’re  even better at making jingles. But how many of them can say “I’ve been in your shoes, and here is what you need to do.”

Tom Anelli can. 

First tip to learn from this expedition, you are not required by law to do the breathalyzer during the field sobriety test. You can pull the Tom Anelli and make them bring you to the station to do it, buying your bloodstream 30-45 minutes to sober up. This probably bumped Tom from a .08, a life altering DWI charge, to a .06, a traffic violation. The rest of the tips? Well, you’ll have to hire the DWI guy himself to find out!

Now of course you can say “just don’t drink and drive” but statistically speaking, I would argue 99% of people reading this have at one point operated a motor vehicle after consuming 2-3 alcoholic beverages. An amount that would teeter you over that legal limit. I’m not advocating for this, just simply pointing out the fact humans are naturally rebellious, DUI lawyers included. It’s ironic cause it’s his job, and he would very well be fired if he didn’t own his own firm. But it could very well be valuable research. If he can get himself out of this mess scotch-free, there’s no jingle in the world that will give his competitors an edge of getting you out of the same mess.

“Experience is the teacher of all things” – Julius Caesar

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