Why Can’t Millennials Save Money? Because There is an Avocado Bar Opening in Saratoga


Remember when every major news outlet in America was blaming avocado toast for the reason why millennials can’t save money? Well, those articles were not wrong, and in fact it only appears that it’s becoming more and more true.

Our guy Steve Barnes from the Albany Times Union (PS: I believe Barnes is now also an official fan of 2BD personality John Longton’s other business venture, Circle Jerk Enterprises…more on that to come) recently reported there is a juice-smoothie-avocado bar set to opening up in downtown Saratoga, and upon reading that headline I realized that an establishment like this opening in Upstate NY is the most 2018 to ever happen.

I haven’t even heard of straight up avocado bars existing in metro areas like New York City, but I’m sure they exist on every street corner and are consistently packed with 20-somethings with steady jobs, student loan debt and no disposable income.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.07.54 PM

We are SUCKERS for avocados and I really don’t know why. But it must be true because the avocado phenomenon has proven itself true, since we really can’t seem to save money for the life of us and there are over 8.5 million posts on Instagram using the hashtag #avocado.

A juice-smoothie-avocado bar is literally the best thing to happen for a young person these days, and we will willingly pour our hard-earned money into Insta-worthy avocado toasts and juices that are supposedly as healthy as they are trendy.


Props to all the entrepreneurs out there who can capitalize on this craze, I envy you. And props to me for living too far away from Saratoga where I will not be tempted to visit this establishment on a regular basis.

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