I Had a Chance to Meat Big Papi and it Exceeded All Expectations

This past Friday night, my dreams became a reality. I met my favorite all-time baseball player David Ortiz and it was everything I’ve imagined. Maybe more, even.

Just a few hours before the big moment, I received a phone call from our 2BD Biz Guy, Joe Bonilla,  AKA JoeBo, and he told me that he secured a press pass to the Saratoga Wine and Liquor Festival and that David Ortiz was going to be there.

Nothing was guaranteed, but I looked at this as an opportunity to meet one of my idols and to talk a little business with a fellow entrepreneur.

I packed a bag full of my most pristine Circle Jerk Beef Jerky and Jack and I hit the road. I was really nervous. I’ve watched Ortiz’s whole career from behind a TV screen and finally had a chance to meet one of my idols. And at the same time I had a chance to meat one of my idols.


It got off to a rocky start, and there were a few bumps in the road I’m not going to lie. That being said, I think the day went pretty well and I’m hoping that this opportunity leads me to bigger places. Places that I can meat more people and grow my business. Circle Jerk. 

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