Jack and I Are Enjoying Our Life on the Local Celeb D-List While We Keep Getting Bailed On by WNYT

You’ve seen the reviews on Facebook for Two Buttons Deep, right? We’re no strangers to the fact that there are some people in the Capital Region who are disapproving of what Two Buttons Deep is all about. And in addition the haters, there are some individuals who are just plain old confused and don’t understand whatsoever we’re trying to do over here.


But for those who do get it, you know that we’re trying to shake traditional news and radio up a little bit here in the 518 (and beyond). And in doing so, we’ve caught the attention of the local news media who, believe it or not, see us as a legitimate competitor in one way or another. That is a very cool thing for us.

Jack and I have noticed these local celeb-like personalities shouting us out over the last two years, some who have even been willing to interview us to learn more about what we do and how we do it. We’ve also noticed that sometimes (I think) they’ve chosen to interview us just to get that scoop and sus us out on whether we’re legit or not. That’s up to them and our audience to decide, but anyways…

As you might’ve seen on one of our latest Squadcasts, we were pretty hyped to find out WNYT reporter John Craig took interest in doing a story about us for TV. We had it all booked for him to come visit us at one of our weekly meetings, and at the 11th hour…he bailed.

And of course, as we do, we blew this out of proportion and Jack decided to refuse to get a much-needed haircut until we get an interview. Mr. Craig promised he’d reschedule and apologized for the last minute notice, and we moved on…until earlier this week when opportunity #2 knocked and I got a text from Jack at 7:45AM asking if I could be in Troy by 10:30AM to meet with THE John Craig.

Obviously I requested to come in late to work because I didn’t want it to be my fault we blew it on the second chance interview. I understood I was under a lot of pressure to get ready in time, pick out a good outfit, potentially curl my hair and give a stellar interview with my partner in crime.

Annnnnnnd I am sure you can guess how this story ends. Because you didn’t see our smiling faces on the evening news yet, did you. This story ends with another 11th hour bail by WNYT. But you know what? It’s fine, guys. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me THREE TIMES….well that will probably still happen because we’re just going to keep trying to get on TV and then get our hearts broken repeatedly. This is life on the Local Celeb D-List, people.

We ain’t gonna give up, but we are going to give a call out to any OTHER news station that thinks 2BD has something worth talking about (hint: we do, it’s our tagline). Come on, let’s have an interview!

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