Jimmy Fallon and Carrie Underwood are Good at Everything Except Post Malone Karaoke

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon live in Central Park. It was late night history, folks, as it was the first show to ever tape there. They were selling it as being “as New York as it gets” and I was buying it up (even though tickets were free). The Tonight Show, a New York staple program and the pinnacle of late night television broadcasting live from New York’s most notable park? Pretty cool stuff, at least to me. 


I love late night TV, that’s why I do what I do here at 2BD, I feel the future of late night is on the internet, and thus instead of chasing it to television, I’ve created my own outlet where we can do late night-esque bits made for the internet. Because let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually stayed up to 11:35pm (or 12:35) to watch your favorite late night host, or did you just catch their clips online the next morning?


Anyways, I go to see tapings any chance I can get. Part because I love it, part research on how to improve my own craft. I’ve seen pretty much every host except for James Corden because he started after my time living in LA (although I did see his predecessor Craig Ferguson three times, so…) When I heard Fallon was taping live in the park I was all over it, I got the tickets, and got my ass to NYC with some friends.


It was very cool, I’ve never been to SummerStage in Central Park, but it’s really just a stage, which I assume they only keep up in the summer. There wasn’t much to it. It wasn’t even an amphitheater or anything, literally just a stage with some barricades, a few port-o-potties and the only substance available was $3 BOXED WATER. God I hate NYC sometimes…But they packed the house with allegedly 1500 people, I’d call it 500 max, but it was great nonetheless.

They had Bieber come on for a bit, Blake Lively (holy smoke show) came out and talked her new movie, and then Carrie Underwood performed. I knew Carrie was good but she was like, really good. And she was very pregnant and clearly in pain, but she still gave one hell of a performance, if she ever comes around to SPAC, consider me a Carrie fan cause I’ll be there.

All was well until the taping ended. Jimmy had this giant crowd and knew he had to entertain us for at least a little. He kept nudging Carrie with some sort of idea that she clearly was not having, maybe it was just the way she was wearing her pregnancy, I don’t know. I was hoping Carrie would come hit us with another banger, but nope, all we got was a karaoke style cover of Post Malone’s “Psycho” and it was surprisingly bad.

It ended after I cut taping with Carrie rightfully apologizing to Post.

Now let’s be honest, this was just a terrible choice for karaoke, especially at this classic New York event. If Carrie Underwood can’t sing it, most likely your local karaoke king won’t be able to either. If this was really “as NYC as it gets” we should’ve been belting Piano Man, or some Frank Sinatra, or maybe my original impromptu rap I wrote for a segment on Fallon circa 2013…Froggystyle.

Me and Carrie would’ve killed that.

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