Longshot Pickem Week Two: Games Which Will Win You Cash, Guaranteed*

Well now that online sports betting is officially legalized, itís time to start cashing in.

Every week Vegas puts out their betting lines for the NFL and every week there are a couple games that are a little skewed because of a buzz around a certain team or player. We’re going to take advantage of that and beat the odds. Iím going to give you five games every week that you can make some coin off of. Games that I think slipped through the cracks. If you have a gambling problem I donít recommend reading this article, but if youíre looking for a little action and want to make a few games more exciting than just your fantasy outcomes then by all means call your bookie.


Game 1: LA Chargers -7 Ĺ At Buffalo

The Bills got absolutely demolished by the Ravens down in Baltimore in week 1. So much so that they have now forced their rookie quarterback, Josh Allen, into the starting role. Keep in mind that this kid was not supposed to be ready to play until toward the end of the season. Heís going to look like a deer in headlights. The Chargers on the other hand took a bad loss to a division foe last week and are looking for redemption. Tyreek Hill carved up the Los Angeles D and scored three times. The Bills donít have a playmaker on the field anywhere near that caliber. A lot of experts have the Chargers going to the Super Bowl. They need to start winning now for that to come to fruition. That begins this week in Buffalo. My prediction is a blowout. Take the Chargers and give the Bills 7 Ĺ points.

Final Score: Chargers 31 Bills 17


Game 2: At Pittsburgh -4 Ĺ Kansas City

The Browns ended their 17-game losing streak in an embarrassing tie against the lack lust Pittsburgh Steelers. Big Ben threw three interceptions and looks like he misses the Todd Haley dink and dump offense that he hated very much so in the past. Mix that with the fact that they are still missing arguably their best offensive weapon in LeíVeon Bell and that leaves me scratching my head as to why they are favored at all in this game against a Super Bowl caliber Chiefs team. Patrick Mahomes threw for four touchdowns in a coming out party last week and the Chiefís offense looked unrivaled. I would expect much of the same in a one score game. Take Kansas City and the points.

Final Score: Chiefs 28 Steelers 24

Game 3: New England -1 At Jacksonville

In an AFC Championship rematch the Patriots travel down to Florida to square off with a Jags team that had them on the ropes, but couldnít quite close out Tom Brady and company last January. This year Jacksonville is looking to even the score, but I donít see that happening against a Patriotís team that have a 14-3 record in September over the past five years. Give Bill Belicheat a whole offseason to watch tape on a team that has a subpar offense and you can expect a win by over one point to say the least. The Jags have one of the best defenses in the league. And so do the Texans. Brady lit Houston up last week and look for that trend to continue. Give the Jags a point. Theyíre going to need a lot more than just that.

Final Score: Patriots 27 Jaguars 20

Game 4: At Dallas -3 NY Giants

Dallas does not look like it has much of an offense this season. I know theyíve only played one game, but trying to turn Dak Prescott into a pocket quarterback is like asking Eminem to become a country music artist. Itís just not going to happen. And his best wide receiver is Mr Joe Dirt himself in Cole Beasly. You canít have Dak work from the pocket when their top two pass catchers from last year, Dex Bryant and Jason Witten, arenít even on the roster. The Cowgirls are a shitty team and should go into a rebuilding mode. The Gmen on the other hand are primed to win now and they believe that Eli might have a couple seasons left in him. Saquon Barkley ran for over 100 yards and a touchdown in his NFL debut and the Cowboys allowed just about that on average last season. Look for the Giants to establish the run and dictate the tempo of this game. Take the points in a narrow win.

Final Score: Giants 24 Cowboys 21


Game of the Week: Minnesota -1 At Green Bay

I canít remember a time where Aaron Rodgers was an underdog at Lambo Field. The last time Rodgers took the field against the Vikings they broke his collar bone and sent the Packers season into a tailspin. Iím not saying I believe in white board material for extra motivation, but those two things might be a little ammunition for the Pack to use. These two teams are going to be battling all season for the top spot in the NFC North and it could be a pickíem game, but the fact that itís in Green Bay, I give a slight edge to the Packers. Minnesota cruised over the 49ers in week one, but they were at home and the verdict is still out on if San Fran has a good squad. Expect Rodgers to win this game in the 4thquarter. Take Green Bay and the point.

Final Score: Packers 27 Minnesota 24

*Not guaranteed.†

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