Oh The Places You Can Go on a CDPHP Cycle

The crew at the Troy Innovation Garage (2BD’s HQ) got a good crew together this weekend to go on a bike ride around the region. I see Tom Nardacci, the man in charge around here, crushing 50+ miles on his bike on the regular. While I haven’t touched my bike since I would bomb around the neighborhood as a kid. I was hesitant when offered the opportunity to tag along for 10 miles, but I knew it was feasible. And I’ve also been wanting to try out the CDPHP Cycles you see all around the region.

My strategy was not preparing at all, I felt as if I trained I would be sore for the big event, so I went into it raw. I relied on my natural ability and a Livestrong shirt I’ve had since 8th grade to get me through it. And you know what? 10 miles isn’t bad at all on a bike. Easy as zuchetta.

P.S. Herman Melville is the author of Moby Dick. I assumed people knew that but nobody at 2BD did once I showed them this video and it’s too late to add more titles. So if you don’t know, now you know.

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