5 Takeaways from Week 2 of the NFL

Week two of the NFL brought a ton of surprises, while also reaffirming a few things that might have been forgotten. For starters, Fitzmagic is a real thing and the Patriots might not be. I know it’s still early, but I spent about 12 plus hours watching football this week and here are five things that I came away with after consuming week two of the NFL

1: Ryan Fitzpatrick is truly Fitzmagic

The 35 year old journey quarterback, who happens to be on his seventh team, has thrown for four touchdowns and over 400-yards in back to back weeks. He’s second in the NFL in touchdown passes and has not only rejuvenated his career but also DeSean Jackson’s in the process. Fitzmagic already connected with the speedy receiver for 9 receptions, 245-yards and three touchdowns in only two games. Keep in mind that both of these guys went undrafted in just about every fantasy league. This past Sunday Fitzmagic carved the Eagles up for four TDs and completed 80-percent of his passes while he and his Bucs team took an early first place lead in the NFC South. In the post game presser Fitzmagic borrowed some on Jackson’s wardrobe and gave us an all-time soundbite.

Buccaneer’s starting quarterback Jameis Winston is currently serving a 3-game suspension for inappropriately touching an Uber driver and he is getting served a little poetic justice. Winston is not getting off the bench anytime soon. I’m not sure how long Fitzmagic can keep up this pace, but I’m definitely along for the ride.


2: The Jags are for real


Photo Credit: USA Today

If I told you that when Blake Bortles and Tom Brady played each other and one quarterback threw for almost 400-yard with four touchdowns while the other put up about half those numbers, it would be a no brainer that TB12 had his way with the Jags in a blowout. Well, it didn’t go that way at all. Bortles and the top rated Jags defense had the Pats on the ropes in the 2017 AFC Championship game and they’ve been licking their chops all offseason waiting for redemption.

What Blake Bottles did this past Sunday was make a statement. The former 2014 first round pick has traditionally underperformed and a lot of experts believed that the Jags were shopping around for a new man to run the offense.  In the face of the reigning AFC champs, Bortles solidified his stay in the league while slaying the top team in the conference. I know it’s still early, but if the Jags can stay healthy they might be the team to beat in the AFC.

3: Patrick Mahomes is the second coming of Jesus Christ

Just think about this for a second. A 23-year old kid from Texas leads the NFL with 10 touchdown passes after two weeks. Let that sink in. When the Chiefs traded up in the 2017 Draft, gave up two first rounds and a third round pick I thought that they were crazy. Alex Smith was a serviceable starter that has never gotten the respect that he truly deserved.

They shipped Smith away during the offseason and gave Mahomes the key to the offense. Meanwhile in his only NFL start last season, Mahomes did not have a high completion rate and he threw a pick without finding the end zone. Andy Reid and the rest of the Chief staff have some brass balls to go out and make a move like that. And now Mahomes looks like a seasoned vet as he puts up video game numbers. With Mahomes at the helm the Chiefs are putting up 40-points a game and he’s averaging over 10-yards per completion. That’s a first down for every connection he makes. The Chiefs still have a ways to go before I see them getting to the Super Bowl, but if they keep this pace look for new record books to be on the shelves after this season.

4: The Bears’ defense is fo real


Photo Credit: ESPN.com

Last night the Bears made a complete mockery of Russel Wilson and the stagnant Seattle offense. They picked Wilson off twice, sacked him six times and forced two fumbles on their way to a 24-17 Monday night victory. If the Bears offense can grow up in a hurry they have a chance to fight for the NFC North crown. Not saying it’s going to happen, but this is going to be a fun team to watch all season. The addition of Khalil Mack has not only ramped up the Bears defense, but it added to the culture change and the renaissance that is underway in their locker room. The Chicago front seven might be the best in the league and they swarm to the ball without giving up on any single play. This leads to a lot of sacks and turnovers. Something that wins ballgames. You think Jon Gruden is kicking himself in the ass for trading Mack? Duh! He was quoted as saying that his team needs to get more pressure on the quarterback. Hey Jon how can you do that if you gave the Bears your best pass rusher!? Look for the Bears to have a special season and make the NFC North a three team race.

5: This is the Rams’ league and everyone else is just playing in it

The Los Angeles Rams are built to win right now. Todd Gurley is an absolute beast and he’s tied atop the league with four touchdowns, three of which came on the ground where he’s averaging about four yards per carry. Jared Goff is growing up right before our eyes and looks like he’s going to have a special career. Right now the Rams are lucky they don’t have to pay him big time money just yet as the 2016 number one overall pick is still under his rookie contract. That opens things up for the Rams to spend their money in other ways and boy they have done so.

This current roster is not going to be together in a couple years and they have about a two year window to do something big. Then their players will want to be paid and the same thing will happen to them as what happened to a Seattle team that had the Legion of Boom. There’s only three remaining players on that Seahawk defense that won them a Super Bowl not too long ago. The Rams are on that same road.

There are my five takeaways. And the last one should be the fact I went 3-5 on my pickem last week…Stay tuned for another round this Friday AM right here on 2BD.

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