Did Know the Gideon Putnam Offers a Service for a Nice Relaxing…Divorce?

Everybody in the Capital Region knows damn well that Saratoga is boujee as fuck. Elegance is the par up there, and that’s why I live in Troy…Most people flock to Saratoga for many reasons; the track, Caroline street, their parent’s second home, etc. Whatever it is, it’s a great place to have around, but for above reasons, I’m out on living there.

We’ve seen so many boujee things pop up in Saratoga that doesn’t even make me bat an eye, avocado bars, python pets, trackside breakfasts, but something came out this week that really made me shake my head. Divorce hotel.

I’ll be honest, I think this service is brilliant. One and doneing a divorce could save a lot of strain and blame that goes down when family’s handle it the Jimmy Collins way of not handling it at all. Divorce is an ugly thing, but over 50% of marriages end in it, so it’s time couples address the issue at hand and drop an easy $5,000 to make it happen.

Don’t have that money? Come to the divorce hotel in Troy, it’s called the Bradley and Utica Club is only $3, wet-wet on deck for $5. No legal services are offered though, just a shoulder to cry on.

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