I Tried to Show You Guys How I Switch Out My Seasonal Wardrobe and it Did Not Go As Planned

“The Switch” is something more easily written than demonstrated, I guess. In the blog I wrote last year about the dreadful day where you have to swap out the clothes in your closet for the next season, I felt like I covered all the bases and gave my four readers some good advice on how to do this safely at home.

But when I tried to turn this concept into a video and show everyone what I mean by “The Switch,” it just didn’t go as planned. Was it because I was drinking while I reorganized? Absolutely not –if anything that simply helped me get through the day. But after all these years of switching out my wardrobe on a biannual basis, it doesn’t get any easier or less overwhelming.


Smiling through the mess.

Now, I didn’t even get to address the fact that I knew Jack and others out there would have something to say about this. AND he already beat me to it in his blog post yesterday.

But, the elephant in the room as they call it (which I’m so glad that’s just a phrase because I literally couldn’t fit anything else in my room during this process), is that I have too many clothes and maybe a shopping addiction, which is why only people like me have to deal with this.

And even WORSE for my case, Jack’s Instagram poll proved this to be true when 79 percent of our audience agreed with our Kramer lookalike team captain by saying they have an all-season closet, AKA no switch needed.


Listen guys, I don’t believe you. You’re telling me 79 percent of you have a winter coat at-the-ready right this second? That your flip flops are sitting comfortably next to your Uggs? Not one of you have a single bin with SOMETHING stored away like a little chipmunk does with his nuts? Not. Buying. It.

Yeah, I know clothes are a big part of who I am, so of course my closet is going to be just a little more “extra” than the average person’s, but I also know most of you live in small apartments with little closets and bedrooms with no windows and there is no way you can store your entire wardrobe in one small room like that. No way.

So, put your judgement aside and acknowledge that Jack’s Instagram poll was biased and ya’ll are just hating on my massive outfit options. I know “The Switch” is in most of your near future’s and I’m just saying…good luck.

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