Philly’s New Mascot Nailed a Fan Point-Blank With a T-Shirt Cannon

So yesterday the Philadelphia Flyers debuted their new mascot named Gritty.

Yes, this is the new mascot, and yes it looks like the Philly Fanatic went on a 2 month bender, but I digress.

Iím actually a big fan of Gritty. Gritty looks how I feel after coming off a long weekend with the boys and after having several dozen Genny creams, 3 dozen wings, cardboard pizza, 4 tins and probably a dart here and there. The thing about Gritty, he is an absolute wildcard and I 100% respect it. Now the funniest thing about this entire saga is that it took Gritty less than 24 hours to start firing T-Shirts point blank at Flyers fans.

Flyers Fans, youíve earned this. Through your dedication and loyalty to the boys in orange it is only fitting that you were given the peoples mascot. The mascot that not only embodies the team but the city as a whole. Now how long until Gritty jumps off a ladder? It wasnít long ago when their AHL mascot meLVin jumped off the top rope into a Bridgeport islanders fan. Its in the blood, its in the Flyers DNA. I give it a week.

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