If You Could Assemble Your Dream Music Festival With 5 Current Artists, Who Would You Pick to Perform?

I tweeted this hypothetical a few months ago: if you were able to plan yourself a music festival, what 5 current artists/bands would you want to play it?

Yeah, it’s a hard question. Not only do you have to pick the right people but you have to also make sure it’s a kick ass concert for one crowd. I’m a country guy and I may be a die hard WGNA fan, so with that said, here’s my list.

 1. Kenny Chesney


I was actually supposed to go to a Kenny concert but that didn’t work out. I started listening to him a lot this summer and found out he is AWESOME live. I’m for sure a part of No Shoes Nation and you better believe I will be seeing him next year.


2. Dierks Bentley


I saw Dierks Bentley 2nd row this year, whatever. He was awesome. I’ve seen him a few times now and its a crazy feeling knowing every single song thats been played.

3. Eric Church


Springsteen is one of the reasons I want to get a wrangler. Eric Church is essentially the Dale Earnhardt of country music. The aviators are a fire look and you know it’s going to be a good no nonsense type crowd. For sure an underdog, but I’d want him at the jamboree.

4. Carrie Underwood



Yeah, no duh I’d want to see a real life angel. Saw her at the TU and guess who waved at the kid? Yeah, again, whatever. Carrie Underwood is as close to perfection as you can possibly get. Rocket, good music, married to a hockey player. Shoutout to Mike Fisher, the luckiest human being on the planet.

5. Garth Brooks


How could I not choose Garth Brooks. This guy is ELECTRIC and an absolute legend in the country music industry. Also, who can forget when he went all Chris Gaines on us? His fictional rockstar persona.


I can’t not laugh out loud at that picture.

Garth’s I get Friends In Low Places is normally the go-to but you can’t forget Thunder Rolls and Rodeo. Yeah, some of you might not like country and I get that. If I didn’t go country heres a list of some other honorable mentions.

Nicki Minaj


Blink 182

Justin Timberlake


What artists or bands would you guys have play?

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