Pumpkin Flavored Things Are Not Year-round Products Because They Really Aren’t Very Good

“Pumpkin spice is overrated” is an understatement –and the 2BD squad only scratched the surface of this timely topic during this week’s Squadcast.

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie…one super popular flavor for one season, the shortest season…fall. Who in God’s name started this pumpkin hype? Where did we go wrong as a culinary being? Weíve created a culture around the most basic of fruits, a culture that is most definitely extra, consistently doing the most.

Iím not here for this, and will never support pumpkin flavored anything. Iím a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving type of guy at the most, and usually I’m just looking for the combo of the crust and whipped cream. Anything could be in the middle –sometimes it happens to be pumpkin, and when it is, it’s always forgettable.


Why are they (the basic population who goes all in on this trend) so excited for a flavor they choose not to indulge in during all four seasons? Here’s what I got –†five OTHER spices that hold it down 24/7 365 that donít get the shine they deserve.

  1. Garlic: bad for breath, great for… um…. 99%. OF CULINARY DISHES
  2. Cinnamon: Bringing you the nostalgia of winter in any season. Youíd turn down a cinnamon roll in August? How does it feel to be in DENIAL.
  3. Salt: youíre addicted, admit it.
  4. Pepper: Youíre not addicted, but you need it.
  5. Citrus: giving you Vitamin C in drinks and dishes since God created this whole shit, pay homage.

We live in a world fueled by trends and fads, unfortunately we have one that has stuck around and overstayed its welcome along with UGG boots.

Pumpkin is absolute hype –I donít buy it, and neither should you KAREN!


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