5 Things I Took Away From Week 4 of the NFL

Let me just start out by saying that I knew my Dolphins were going to get beat by the Patriots, but I didn’t know that it was going to be so uncompetitive that it was taken off television by the folks at CBS.

As I said in my NFL picks article last week:

“We all know that the Pats traditionally get off to a slow start just about every year. They use the month of September as an extension of the pre season and take an inventory on what they need to be successful. Well I think they now have a general idea and will restore order in the AFC East this weekend.”

Just that happened and some. I’m not gloating that I got it correct, that was actually the only pick that I was right on. I just think we all need to take a breath and take in what we saw this weekend.

Here’s five things that stuck with me that I think are worth noting.

1: Earl Thomas is a Mother Fucking G

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.00.27 PM.png

Earl Thomas held out for the duration of the pre-season over a contract dispute with the Seattle Seahawks. He and the organization have a bit of bad blood stemming over the team not inking a new deal and giving him an extension during a contract year. Thomas was reluctant to join the team to start the 2018 campaign and will probably never wear a Seahawks jersey again. He is one of the last remaining players from the Legion of Boom defense that won a Super Bowl while looking like one of the best units in NFL history. The Seahawk’s front office won a game of chicken with Thomas during the offseason and this past Sunday a worst case scenario for the all-pro safety came to fruition.

Thomas broke his leg in the end zone when he tripped over a Cardinals player and got caught in an awkward position. He was diagnosed with a broken tibia and will miss the remainder of the season. The main reason why he and the Seahawks were divided in the first place was because Thomas was fearful that an injury might have cost him long-term money. Guess what? It did.

While Thomas was being carted off the field he flipped the bird to the Seattle sideline and sent a clear message to the front office and the NFL. I’ve never seen more of a baller move in my life. Did he care that he was on national television? Hell no he just wanted to show the Seahawks how he felt and thats G as shit.


2: The Colt’s Play Calling Has to be One of the Worst Things I’ve Ever Scene


Despite mounting a double digit fourth quarter comeback and sending Sunday’s game against the Texans into overtime, the Colts might have made the worst play call in NFL history. Instead of kicking the ball to the Texans with 34 seconds left in OT, Indianapolis decided to go for it on 4th and 4 with the ball on their own 43 yard line.

They failed to convert and gave the Texans the ball just outside field goal range and a chance to win the game. Well, Houston did just that. It only took Deshaun Watson one play to too hook up with DeAndre Hopkins for a 24-yard strike to seal the deal. I know what you’re thinking. The aggressive play calling could have worked out in their favor and won them the game. But instead they gift wrapped a W for a Texans team that shouldn’t have won that game on the road. It was a bad call, but I guess not as bad as Penn State running the ball on 4th and 5 when it was do or die in overtime, but I’ll save that for another time.

3: Mitch Trubisky Shut Me Up


Photo Credit: Dailyherold.com

This past week I made one of the worst all-time picks when I chose the Bucs to beat the Bears 24-20.

I cited the fact that I didn’t think the Bears had much of an offense and that was basically my reason for the ill-advised pick. Well I think Mitch Trubisky read my article and used it as bulletin board material when he threw for six touchdowns and 354 yards. This dude torched the Tampa D for five TDs in the first half alone.

Granted the Bucs are dead last in the league in passing defense, but damn six TDs!? Who the hell knows what’s going on in this league right now? But isn’t that the beauty of the NFL? Maybe this past week Mitch solidified the Bears as playoff contenders or maybe everyone in Tampa Bay should be fired.


4: The New York Football Giants are in for a Really Long Season


The Giants shit the bed yet another week leaving us asking if they should have taken a quarterback instead of Sequon and gone into a full rebuild.

They believed that it was possible win now under Eli Manning and he has a couple more fights left under his belt. Well so far that is proving otherwise and the Giants have started the season 1-3 with their only win coming against the pedestrian Texans by a whimsical five points. Well don’t look now, but coming up on their schedule they have murderer’s row. In the next four games the Giants will face the Panthers, Eagles, Falcons and Redskins in that order, all of which are playoff contenders. Teams that start out 1-3 have a 15-percent chance of making the playoffs.

The Giants will be lucky to go 2-2 over the next month while they run a gauntlet. That would put them at a generous 3-5. Well teams that are 3-5 statistically make the playoffs 7-percent of the time. No one knew that the GMen were going to lay down like this and now they are going to be left wondering if they should have just gone after a Sam Darnold, Bakey Mayfield or a Josh Rosen.

5: The Miami Dolphins Will Break My Heart for the 22nd Year in a Row

Well they did it again. These fuckers got my hopes up and had me believing that they were finally going to get over that 17 year Patriot hump. I’m really not sure if I would prefer these guys to just shit the bed right away or break my heart in December/January like they normally do. Either way I feel like I should find a second favorite team to root for. Even though it goes against every morsel in my body to actively root for a team that aren’t wearing teal I would like to enjoy following a team that actually makes a post season run. The Phins could get back on track, but this past Sunday a lot of holes were exploited including the fact that they have no running game. Through four games Miami has averaged under 90 yards on the ground per game. They need to change that in a hurry if they want to get back on track.

Well there you have it. Another week in the books and yet another week that left more questions than answers. Look out for my picks this Friday. So far on the season I’m 7 for 14 with a push. Hopefully this week I can right the ship.

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