Syracuse Dunkin Employee Dumps Water on Some Guy Sleeping in the Store

A Dunkin (hold the Donuts) employee in Syracuse has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after he dumped water on a man for sleeping at a table in their store.

It took me a few watches to find out if this was fair or foul. And I’m gonna agree with the masses to say it’s a hard foul.

If it’s somebody who is causing a nuisance or disturbance to your business and other methods of deterring don’t work, a water jug might be justifiable. I’m with that, it’s just water at the end of the day. However, although this guy was clearly catching some zzz’s at the table while his phone charged up, it doesn’t seem like he was really causing any trouble to anybody. All he had with him was his phone on a charger and a small plastic bag of belongings. This could be me on an average Saturday night after I go a few too many buttons deep and need to charge up for an Uber home. This could be anybody who just got off a long ass shift and needs to refuel on some Dunkin. America runs on Dunkin, but you can’t recharge on it.

The employee claims he didn’t want to call the cops so instead resorted to water…Can you call the cops for somebody being sleepy at your table? I’m sure you can, so maybe he had good intention at heart as the repercussions of a wet back is far less severe than getting crossed by the wrong cop, but still seems like a tap on the shoulder would’ve been sufficient.

There’s a GoFundMe set up for the wet man and of course it’s soaring past its goal because believe it or not most humans are are good.






How do you feel?

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