ONE WEEK Until the Squad Goes Two Buttons Deep on Our Fall Booze Cruise


Does this gif look familiar? It’s reminding me of when the boys got the show on the road without me on the latest Squadcast when I was out of town for work…but whatever my feelings aren’t hurt ’cause I heard they got super drunk on Nine Pin and went to some stripper bar after. BUT ANYWAYS…

Today is October 12, which means there is just ONE WEEK LEFT until we pile on to the Dutch Apple cruise ship in the heart of downtown Albany and adventure off on a night of entertainment and drinking, all while going Two Buttons Deep with the squad and our fans.

Do we have some tricks up our sleeve? Of course we do. Is your first drink on us courtesy of Nine Pin Cider and Chatham Brewing? Of course it is. Will your ticket sale be used to help make a donation to a local charity called Street Soldiers? Of course it will.

Honestly, if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for. But in case you have been waiting for something, you’re in luck for reading this post. Use the promo code BUTTONSDEEP for five dollars off your ticket purchase on EventBrite.

You aren’t going to want to miss out on this event, people. Get your tickets today and we will see ya in just a week for a fun, fall night.

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