There is a Cat Cafe Coming to Troy and I Thought This Was Something You Only See on TV

I would say writing this post is going to earn me a lot of crazy cat lady haters out there, but let’s be real –crazy cat people and I probably would never get along in the first place. As John said in our latest Squadcast as soon as the news of a cat cafe opening up in Troy came up, “Troy has come such a long way with its revitalization…until now.”


A cat…cafe? I’m all in on cafes (except right now thanks to my Metabolic Macros program since I can’t drink coffee for the next eight weeks), but I have been 100 percent OUT on cats since the beginning of time. They make me sneeze, they’re way too sneaky and they do not even like humans that much I’m pretty sure.

But before I judge, a little bit more about the cafe as reported by the Albany Times Union:

A co-working space and future cafe called Meong Cat Lounge is being developed for a projected spring opening at 348 Second St. in South Troy. The building, presently with two residential units, is being renovated to make the first-floor space a co-working lounge that will be home to up to a dozen cats from partner shelters and rescue organizations.

They envision a casual co-working space, less focused on the tech sector than other co-working spaces in Troy, where people will enjoy having a place to enjoy the companionship of cats. It will also function as a facilitator for adoptions and as a social space, with a separate room for purchase of food, beverages and cat-related merchandise. 

Bottom line is people are going to have to pay a daily, monthly or yearly rate to hang out with cats on purpose. I mean, yes this is a social environment with more going on than some roaming furry friends with claws, but I am also positive you can get your own cat for $0.00 (or close to it) and recreate this atmosphere in the comfort of your own home office.

And hey, it’s nothing against cats, really. I don’t like the idea of mixing any animals with public places unless it’s a service animal who is trained to be there and help someone out. You never know what behaviors these voiceless creatures have, and as cute and “therapeutic” as they might be to look at, they just don’t belong to be out and about as live stuffed animals for people to cuddle with.

See what the rest of the squad things about the cat cafe coming to town in our latest Squadcast out now.

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