Glory Dayz Are Over: Malta Club Evicted, Shut Down After Less Than Two Months of Operation


Photo: Albany Times Union

Remember Glory Dayz, the Malta (not Saratoga) nightclub that had some major drama on its opening weekend because the ladies were dancing inappropriately and the band never got paid? Well, you probably don’t remember it since this business idea is officially a flash in the pan now that it’s closed after less than two months of operation.

As reported by Steve Barnes for the Albany Times Union:

Glory Dayz, a 1980s-themed Malta nightclub that had a difficult opening over Labor Day weekend and ran into multiple disputes about nonpayment of bills, closed after about a month in business. The landlord said he evicted the club for failing to pay rent.

Glory Dayz owner Michael Barry on paper owed him $12,000 for four months’ rent, to cover the time when Barry was building the club, but that he would have taken $4,000, for 40 days’ rent, and allowed Glory Dayz to stay. When he had not been paid anything by Sept. 10, Patel said, he exercised a clause in the lease allowing either party to provide a 30-day notice of cancellation.

Patel said the official eviction date was Oct. 10. He said Barry also owed approximately $1,600 in utilities payments, toward which Barry contributed a check for about one-third of the due amount. The check bounced, Patel said.

WHOA, BABY. That’s a lot of money –and apparently the owner is on his ninth business venture, which the Sharks on Shark Tank would tell me is a major red flag. And not only was the rent not paid, but around $16,000 worth of materials were stolen from the building once Glory Dayz was evicted, prompting a theft investigation.

Am I surprised? I mean, the reason why this business is going under is a little bit shocking. I would’ve just assumed it was because…nobody would go to a nightclub in a strip mall….in Malta?????? Which might also be true because if there was a line out the door of this place every night, making rent wouldn’t be so damn difficult. Apparently the owner remains in good spirits and says Glory Dayz will reopen, “soon, very soon,” in a different Capital Region location, but I just ain’t buying it.

I’m starting to wonder if people in the Malta area started sharing the video of the 2BD squad’s Glory Dayz dance moves and realized this place really is NOT appropriate for anyone. I mean, if they did, they’d be right. See ya later, Glory Dayz.

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