PSA: Christmas Season Begins the Day After Thanksgiving, Not Halloween

Going to the mall November 1st feels like time travel. Thanksgiving is in a FULL 3 WEEKS and weíre already getting Christmas music and holiday cheer shoved right in our faces.giphy.gif

Thanks to capitalism, we have stores and commercials trying to get us in that holiday spending mindset, and I have no problem with that, I love America. However, we need to stay strong and remember that IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS SEASON.

Can we please give Thanksgiving the attention and respect it deserves? I know Christmas is the more hype holiday, with Santacons, Ugly Sweater parties, and a heavy dose of Mariah Carey, but letís hold off on that hype until at least Black Friday.

Personally, I have Christmas season starting December 1st. Itís the most basic concept of economics, supply and demand. The longer we make Christmas season, the less exciting it is. Too much supply and our demand (or excitement in this case) drops because the 2 are inversely related.

So for the next few weeks, feel thankful, think about some delicious turkey and stuffing, and dread that holiday travel. Thatís what Thanksgiving is all about.


But I’ll throw you November 1st Christmas nuts a bone, here’s the 1 AND ONLY “Christmas” song that you can bump starting right now. It’s relatively unknown, but I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s in my top 5 songs OF ALL TIME.

Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see exactly why this is the perfect November 1st “Christmas” song.

My only real problem with it is that it’s a cartoon music video so I can’t (once again) fall in love with Jana Kramer. Also, I think I’m responsible for at least 20% of that song’s plays on Spotify. 10% from me and 10% from people I’ve introduced it to.

Enjoy the HOLIDAY season as it gets underway, but don’t just mentally skip Thanksgiving. Enjoy the present moment, it will make the true Christmas season that much better.

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