Troy is Officially the Home of the Second Tipsy Moose Location

Tipsy Moose, the  Latham tavern that stole the hearts of the Capital Region with its make-your-own Bloody Mary brunch and outta this world menu has officially settled in Troy at its new Vandenburgh Ave. location right by Hudson Valley Community College.

This is GREAT news, people. Troy is a bigger place than just downtown, and sometimes when you’re trying to figure out where to go to eat, you’re stuck in a bubble of the same old restaurants you see everyday when you drive into work.


Well, not anymore since Vandenburgh Ave. is what I’d like to call suburban boomin’ since the days where I used to drive up the hill every day to my internship with the Tri-City ValleyCats.

Back then there was not much going on besides Deli and Brew (one of the best hidden gems in the 518, BTW), but now it’s filled with a proper mix of chains and local joints, a new-and-improved Market 32, student housing and so much more.


Photo: Facebook (Tipsy Moose)

And the Tipsy Moose, in the few years its been open in Latham, has totally taken off to a point where you can hardly get a seat there without a long wait any night of the week.

The vibe is carefree, a little cozy/rustic, and the food is like a dream come true of perfect bar classics that will make you want to either keep drinking or take a nap immediately after.

It’s so nice to see so many local things popping up around the Capital Region, and even cooler to know that the businesses are doing so well with all our local support that a second location isn’t only possible, but necessary due to the amount of traffic these restaurants are getting.

So, if you haven’t given the Latham Tipsy Moose a shot yet and you’re loving the vibe we already have going on in Troy, do yourself and your squad a favor and take a ride up the hill and give this place a try. Time to get tipsy, people. (But not too tipsy, let’s be responsible. We saw how crazy you guys can get after our booze cruise.)

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