Hoosick Falls Girl is So Grounded After Pulling the Worst Halloween Prank Ever

Every year you hear the horror stories of parents finding unbelievably inappropriate and gross things in their child’s Halloween basket –and no I don’t mean toothbrushes and apples –I mean the really bad stuff like pills or needles.

Strange News

Photo: Hoosick Falls Police

So, it was no surprise that the same thing happened this year when police reported a needle was found in a child’s candy basket right here in Hoosick Falls, NY. Parents found the needle, alerted the authorities, the media covered it yadda yadda same old story.

But guess what? This little child was apparently gunning for some material for her her SNL audition tape because she planted the needle on her own as a PRANK to trick her parents.

This girl must hate candy because there will be NO TREATS FOR HER after pulling as dumb of a joke as this one on your own parents. It seems like she might’ve watched a few too many episodes of New Girl where my man Winston Bishop turned himself into his very own terrible version of a prankster, AKA Prank Sinatra.




Now listen, I feel for the girl because I definitely thought I was quite the riot as a kid and definitely pulled a few tricks that I thought were hilarious but ended up being inappropriate and getting me in a little bit of trouble. But girlfriend, a needle? For real? Say this “prank” worked –would it have been funny even in the slightest?

All I can say is, you’re grounded. And it won’t be a prank when your parents film your reaction to them telling you they ate all your Halloween candy. They’re really going to.

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