Multiple Reports of Child Abduction Attempts Around the Capital Region

Listen folks, we here at 2BD do our best to stay away from negative news. Fires, war, and the latest mass shooting all have no place here at 2BD. We cover stuff we think people WANT to talk about, not fear-inducing stories which leave you wide eyed at the bar talking worst-case-scenario with your buddies. But we got one of those here for ya only because no other outlets are covering it (other than our friends at WGNA) and it’s worth keeping your head on a swivel for.

There have been MULTIPLE reports on Facebook (and to police) about a strange couple attempting to abduct children in public around the Capital Region. We were going to talk about this on the squadcast this week after I saw the first report of it, but I thought it could be a hoax and it was too negative Nancy so we nixed it. That was Monday, and now it’s Friday and I’ve seen THREE more Facebook posts from a wide variety of unrelated people describing very similar situations all over the Capital Region.

The cops have been called on all accounts and no immediate action or confrontation has occured. One response from them said “it sounded like it was an attempted sex ring abduction & the case is being turned over to special detectives.” The license plate reported on some of the cars are not registered to the car they are on.

I saw one story today about a women pushing a child into a trunk outside of Marshall’s in Clifton Park. I don’t have kids but I know you’re not supposed to put kids in the trunk so I’m pretty sure something is up. Police have not confirmed anything yet or found anyone guilty of anything, and maybe that’s why the real news isn’t reporting it, but there’s something going on and I think it’s worth being aware.

Anyways, here’s the evidence I have curated for your own spectacle.


So…two people suspiciously handling a child…got it. Let’s seen what else we’ve got over in Troy. 


I don’t think there are any instincts more powerful that mamabear instincts and I’m sure she would have strangled that women without hesitation had she gotten any closer. Anyways, let’s go over to Colonie…

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 2.53.55 PM.png

God damn. All of these scenarios are B-list horror movie scripts ready for the small screen. A lot of people are weighing in on the situation, and some saying they’ve seen this couple in action as well. 45221543_707715409592516_8072607769766658048_n.png

Could people just be on edge? Sure. It is Halloween season after all. But to be honest I don’t know shit about the sex ring business, which is a good thing I suppose. There’s a billboard up Congress street about looking for the signs of a child who is being trafficked, which means it must be a legitimate issue in the area. And I don’t think anyone enters the business by signing up, so stuff like this could very well be a reality and like I said, it’s very much worth keeping your head on a swivel for.

Anyways, that’s my hard-hitting journalism for the day, and as the internet would say:


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  1. JamieJoCro

    I have another one for you. I’ll send you screenshots. It was made by a guy named William Roberts on Halloween in Troy and he deleted it within 24 hours. I’m guessing he did so….because it was a lie. Why don’t any of these people use paragraphs? Please don’t help breed this xenophobic hysteria.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have proof? Was there any type of investigation done besides reading facebook posts?

    • Sarah Cole

      I called the Trooper barracks in Brunswick since this is my home town and I have small children. All they can say is that it’s being investigated. People don’t use paragraphs because it’s not the NY Times, it’s Facebook. It’s bold of you to assume this is “xenophobic hysteria”. It’s a good reminder to stay on guard and hold your babies tighter when you’re out and about. Descriptions of people are helpful. It doesn’t make these people xenophobes.

  2. Anonymous

    I do believe there is trafficking in this area and we need to be on guard. There are two women missing in Troy as well.

  3. Susan

    Looks like department stores need to hirer security to patrol parking lots .malls and big department stores .

  4. Anonymous

    Just praying at this time,for the world.



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