I’m All In On Troy’s New One Monument Square Design (Once They Add a Rooftop Bar)

Troy officials debuted a new proposal to once and for all fill in One Monument Square and I’m all in, once they add a rooftop bar. 


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Credit: WNYT

For those unfamiliar with the situation, the city of Troy (where 2BD is based) has been host to an absolute eyesore located at One Monument Square. It has been the subject of many contentious debates on what should fill the promising vacant land. The property was once city hall before it was torn down in 2011 and has since left a literal hole in the heart of downtown.

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Credit: WNYT

Anyways, there have been five legitimate proposals to fill this plot that have been chewed up and spit out by city officials and the peanut gallery alike who all have different opinions on what should go there. Last year a movie theatre was one hop skip and a jump away from breaking ground before a lawsuit came through and broke the hearts of the very few people who would actually go and see a movie. I think that’s it’s good that fell through, mainly because you can’t put a rooftop bar atop a movie theatre.

I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again, one of the few things separating Troy from peak Troy is a good old fashioned rooftop bar. People love that shit. There’s no better way to go a couple buttons deep than in the breeze overlooking the water. Yeah, maybe the Hudson is diluted with city sewage, but it doesn’t matter when you’re overlooking it from three stories above. A sunset is a sunset.

But the new design debuted yesterday has my approval, once they add a rooftop bar. It’s got the new city hall, a restaurant, some nice apartments with stores below, a boat dock and a new spot for concerts and walks around the waterfront. I’ll take it. My original proposal, which I’m not sure if I put in writing or just in the ears of everyone I know, is that my ideal plan for 1MS would be a grocery store with a rooftop terrace on top. It’s bulletproof. Two main necessities I can’t access in downtown Troy at this time, where I work and reside, is a grocery store and a rooftop bar. They’re the basic necessities for survival, I’m not asking too much here. 

We want people to come to Troy, we want people to come back to Troy, and we want people to #EnjoyTroy. In my opinion, it starts with putting something in that god forbidden spot with a rooftop bar on top for people to go a couple buttons deep in the elements. Just do something, for Pete’s sake!

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