Not Your Ordinary Craft Beer Festival: The 2BD Squad is Hyped For Cask & Crossgates December 1

It’s no secret the Capital Region and the entire state of New York has become a hot spot for craft beers and locally produced ciders and spirits over the past few years. And with this movement, craft beer aficionados have emerged to show their support for this unique industry, and for the brewers and distillers who create the products that blow your traditional bottle of Bud Heavy out of the water.

And that’s the short story on how craft beer festivals came about –a place beer fanatics can go to experience dozens of craft brews, wear a necklace with pretzels tied around it and go more than two buttons deep by the time it’s over.

But listen up –Cask & Crossgates coming up on December 1 isn’t your ordinary craft beer festival.

OFFICIAL Crossgates Video Board Logo

From 2-6PM on December 1, Lupulin Events is hosting Cask & Crossgates, where 30 breweries will be cozied up underneath heated tents with food trucks, live music and…the Two Buttons Deep squad. This beer fest isn’t meant to be your typical how-drunk-can-you-get party –it’s a time for craft brew lovers to meet the brewers, chat them up and learn all about their unique beverages as they sip their way around the tents.

Cask & Crossgates Event Photo

Two Buttons Deep is the proud media sponsor for this event, which means not only will you see us boppin’ around on December 1 filming some cool stuff, but that we’ll be giving away tickets (which are also on sale now) and reminding you to attend this event because honestly, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

AND for $169, you can post up in the tru Hotel by Hilton, get two tickets to the beer fest and get access to a number of different after parties at Crossgates after the festival is over. They are putting out all the stops for this event to make it safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. What better way to roll into winter than hanging out in some heated tents getting your drink on and going two buttons deep?

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