Rated R Sports Talk – November 9

I think I’m officially back. This was the second back to back week I released a show. I flew solo….again, but I fired up the RRST Hotline and spoke with an NBA savant. Hope you enjoy the show and share the fuck out of it if that’s the case.


I breakdown the Dez Bryant addition to the Saint and what it means to them and the rest of the league.

Duke basketball: 5:05

Duke has three stellar freshmen and they blew out the No. 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats the other night to start the season. You might as well crown them now because there isn’t a team out there that can hang with these Blue Devils.

NBA wrap up: 13:08

I fire up the hotline and get a guy on the phone that has forgotten more NBA than I will ever know in my entire life.

Steelers kick the shit out of the Panthers: 23:15

Cam Newton is a little bitch and there ain’t much more to say.

Outro: 26:50

Sound off.

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