The Bills Are Selling Tickets For Less Than a Meal at McDonalds

The Buffalo Bills have fallen on hard times. One year removed from ending a 17-season playoff drought, the lackluster Bills are off to a 2-7 start and look to be back to the drawing board.

Their starting quarterback, Nathan Peterman, has seven interceptions in four games this season with a quarterback rating of 30.7, the lowest in the league by a mile. Put it this way, the rating is out of 158.3. If this were to be graded as a test, then Peterman’s score would be a 19%. It’s safe to say that he’s no valedictorian.

To add insult to injury the Bills just started selling their tickets for $6 a pop. You can literally go see a Bills game for less money than the Valley Cats, Empire and the Albany Patroons. That’s fucking pathetic.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 9.59.25 AM.png

I Honestly don’t think the #BillsMafia gives a shit about what the product looks like on the field. They just need a spot to congregate to get fucked up and break tables. By the time they actually make it into New Era Stadium they can’t tell which team is which. They’ve already seen most of the day’s hard hits out in the parking lot and they just need a seat to take a nap in.

If I’m just exposing you to these creatures, boy do I envy you. You literally can spend a whole day looking up the stupid shit that these rednecks do. Here’s another little nugget for you:


The Bills have four remaining home games this season. They’ve got the Jags 11/25, Jets 12/9, Lions 12/16 and the Fins to finish out the season on 12/30. I’ve been to two games two games in Buffalo as a Dolphins fan and I can honestly say that both times I almost died. Keep in mind that the first time I was 12.

I’m willing to go back on 12/30 if anyone wants to scoop up some $6 tix with me and document our day.





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