TODAY Show Anchors Savannah and Hoda Have Their Own Barbies and Now I Want Santa to Bring Me Barbies for Christmas

Just as I thought I was getting too old to make a Christmas List, Glamour Magazine goes ahead and does the nicest thing ever for my two life icons, TODAY Show co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb and gifts them their very own Barbie Dolls on live television.

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You better believe I put an immediate call to my guy ol’ Saint Nick and told him I have to have some Barbie Dolls for Christmas again. Haven’t asked for these plastic babes since I was in the single-digits but now that my heroes are being made into plastic babes, I mean, I have to have them right?

Seriously, can these two gals get any cooler? I completely idolize Savannah and Hoda as girl bosses, the prime example of a positive attitude and hard work ethic, cool moms, stylish ladies, the list goes on and on. And honestly –same thing goes for the entire cast of the TODAY Show –if someone’s sick, traveling or subbing in for someone else, I’m never disappointed –just more excited to see them all do their job in the most fun and professional way possible.


Savannah and Hoda receiving the honor of being made into their own Barbie Dolls is a pretty big deal, because Barbies, too, symbolize girl power, style and grace. Sure, maybe Barbie has been a little too skinny, dressed a little too scandalously at one point or another, but haven’t we all?

And I know you guys know how big of a fan I am of TODAY, but real soon I’m going to reveal that I might have a little bit of local competition as I fight for the love of NBC’s top anchors one button at a time. Stay tuned…

And PS: Santa, if you’re reading this, I promise I’ve been good.

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