Last Night’s MNF Game Might Have Been The Greatest All-Time

When was the last time something that was overly hyped actually delivered? I can’t remember a game or an actual event in real life that was pumped up as much as the Chiefs Rams Monday Night Football matchup that even came close to meeting expectations.

Well, last night was one of those events.

The 9-1 Chiefs squared off with the 9-1 Rams in LA last night and I’m going to go ahead and call it the greatest Monday Night Football game ever. The Rams won 54-51 in a back and forth contest that was reminiscent of a video game with a sibling, but no one had a broken controller. The game had over 1,000 yards in offense, five lead changes and came down to the very last drive when Pat Mahomes was picked off by Lamarcus Joyner to end the game, but holy shit what a ride it was to get there.

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If you’re a betting man, such as myself, the over was the easiest thing ever to nail. The fact that these two teams put up 50 points a piece is just crazy to even think about. I’m used to watching the bulshit ass Dolphins maybe put up 17 points a week and these fuckers are breaking scoreboards. It’s like dating a girl based on her personality when there’s supermodels tempting you everywhere. I’m a faithful man and I will stay with the Fins, but damn I wish they would do some squats ya know?

Last night’s game had a little of everything. There was 14 total touchdowns scored, including three on the defensive side of the ball. Like holy shit how crazy is that!? Pat Mahomes and Jared Goff combined for 10 passing touchdowns and almost 900 yards through the air. The last time I saw a shootout like that was when I was at an Albany Firebirds game watching Mike Palowski and Touchdown Eddie Brown.

I’m pretty sure the whole east coast needs an extra coffee this morning as this game went well into the night. It’s kinda not fair to have a game of this magnitude end so late because half of the audience probably had to turn it off a little early. If you did have the chance to stay up you probably had a hard time sleeping because of all of the adrenaline running through your body. If you didn’t have the luxury to take in the greatest Monday Night Football game in the history of the primetime era them check out the game sped up in this 17 minute highlight.

The whole nation was captivated by these two teams. Even ya boy Rick Flare made his appearance on that internet thing.

In today’s political climate where we all fuckin despise and hate each other this was something that we can all agree on. The Rams and Chief need to be in the same division or meet in the Super Bowl because now that I know a game like this is out there I need to see more. If you give a mouse a cookie it will ask for a glass of milk. Last night I was mowing down on some delicious ass cookies and now I’m thirsty as fuck.

Thank god we didn’t give this game to Mexico on that shitty field. For those of you who don’t know this game was supposed to be played in Mexico City, but the fact that they can’t get their shit together and put together a presentable field made the NFL move the game to LA last week. Just take a look at this mess.


That’s honestly laughable. I’m not surprised though. If you know how to take care of a lawn in Mexico you probably made your way up to California and are working at some celebrity’s house in Beverly Hills anyway.

But getting back to last night’s game. It captivated the nation and showed us all that the NFL is still and will always be king. And because of that I’m forever grateful.

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