Black Friday I Officially Get My Big Break On The Radio

I decided to go back to school at the ripe age of 25 with the goal in mind of someday working in sports media. It’s alway been a dream of mine and I kept it on the back burner while going through life’s trials and tribulations. Prior to my decision of giving my dream job one last shot, I was an insurance agent making great money with a secure future, but it just didn’t do it for me.

Growing up I loved to watch and dissect sports so much that it consumed a good portion of my time. All day long I would listen to sports talk radio and all night I would watch games and it never got old because after all what’s more compelling than sports?


I fell in love with sports talk radio when I was old enough to drive. It was all I would listen to in my car. Mike and Mike, Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and others alike were usually heard talking through my speakers and I would always talk back as if they were right shotgun in the passenger seat. I really admired those guys and what they did for a living. Damn, could you imagine getting paid to watch and talk about sports?!

Well tomorrow my dreams of talking on the radio about sports are coming to reality. I will be filling in for Rodger Wyland, someone who I have great respect and admiration for, on Big Board Sports on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio. I don’t mean to humble brag, but it literally brings a tear to my eye when I say shit that out load. It’s been a long road to get to where I am today and I’ve fought hard to build my resume and get to where I want to be in life. And goddam, it’s all starting to come to fruition.


Photo Credit: Townsquare Media

I started my journey a few years ago when I went enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College. I took a job with the school newspaper and my experience actually covering sports started there. I worked my way to sports editor, got an internship with the Daily Gazette, transferred to UAlbany, became the Sports editor for the Albany Student Press, interned at ESPN Radio and upon completion was hired at Townsquare Media. I did a bunch of other stuff along the way, but I’ll make this short.

I took a job in the promotions department at Townsquare and since then have explored every opportunity in that building with a goal in mind of someday being on air for ESPN. Holy Fucking Shit it’s happening.

While you’re out doing your holiday shopping tomorrow throw on ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team from 10am-noon and them 5-7pm and you will probably hear me tripping on my words and trying to talk about my favorite thing in the world. Sports. They’re letting the inmates run the asylum and a dream of mine will come true.

I just want to thank everyone who’s been there to support me while I’ve literally been the brokest in my life to try to afford my fix. I also want to thank the people who told me that I was crazy to quit a good paying job to give my dream a shot and that had a slim chance of happening.

Happy turkey day and hopefully this will be the start of something big. If not at least I gave it a shot because at the end of the day I want to leave it all on the table and not wonder what could have been.

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