Two Buttons Deep Does The Troy 5Keg 5K

After our coverage of the Troy Turkey Troy last year, I figured we needed to spice it up this time around. How do you make a 5K exciting? It is the 12th oldest race in America, so we had to do something special…

About a month ago our good friend Tom Nardacci told us about a Troy Legend known as the Turkey Leg. Basically, a group of guys would get hammered at the Ale House early in the morning, pack into a Uhaul truck and then bombard the race as it began. They would run directly back to the Ale House (about a mile along the route of the 5K) where they would dip from the race and continue their drinking. It was all for fun and to raise money for a good cause, and who doesn’t love that.

I didn’t know whether or not the leg was still a thing, so we decided to make our own tradition, the 5Keg 5K. We decided we would hit not only the Ale House, but all 5 bars along the route of the 5K. And although our Mothers swore we’d be dead if we showed up the Thanksgiving drunk…we went for it anyways.

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