Berne Woman Arrested For Destroying a House But I Forgive Her

KNOX – A Berne woman was arrested after breaking into a house, destroying valuables and stealing pills and Twisted Tea alcoholic beverages.

Brittney M. Shultes was arrested after an investigation by the Albany County Sheriff’s office, according to a press release Sunday. She is accused of destroying numerous items including two flat-screen televisions, two mirrors, and 30 metal belt buckles, as well as stealing 15 to 20 Adderall pills and 18 cans of Twisted Tea.

Shultes was charged with a burglary and criminal mischief felonies and a petit larceny misdemeanor.

She was arraigned by Judge Timothy Francis and released on $700 bail.

-Times Union

Boy am I a sucker for blue eyes and there is no exception here. I’m sure she didn’t mean it and I do have a history for liking “bad girls.” Last time I fell for a mugshot I could not locate my beautiful Karen.


This time this is a local story so I think I have a better shot to make something happen. The cases are very similar in the fact that both of these broads probably got screwed over by some asshole, but my only question with this whole thing is who has 30 belt buckles. Like damn what a waste of a collection.

This might be the most Berne story of all stories. In the police report it states that Brittney stole 18 cans of Twisted Tea. I’m just trying to picture the guy telling the cops about all of the damage. Listing the flat screens, belt buckles, mirrors, her taking pills and then they said, “Oh yeah and she took all of my Twisted Teas.”

Thousands of dollars in damage and somehow a case of terrible alcohol makes it to the report. But any who I forgive Brittney. I’m sure she won’t do it again. I’m willing to give her a second shot. Or maybe is it that I’m just so lonely that I’m resorting to mugshots to find love?

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