Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Got Matching Breakup Tattoos On Top Of All The Other Tattoos They Got For Each Other While They Dated

Thank U, Next…tattoo please? Yeah, the Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande breakup drama will for sure be left behind in 2018, but before we move on for good, the pop culture Gods wanted us to know the now-split couple who broke off their engagement after a hot minute have gotten break up tattoos to signify the end of the relationship.


HTFAUGTCTU? (How the F**** Are You Going To Cover This Up?)

As reported by ELLE:

While they remain civil, Davidson and Grande are definitely broken up and have both slowly been covering up their tattoos for each other. In addition to their black hearts (the same emoji Grande has been using to promote “Thank U, Next” on social media), Grande also covered her “Reborn” tattoo for Pete Davidson with a sprig of lavender.


As far as the public knows, Grande still has a “Lumos” tattoo that she got for Pete’s Harry Potter obsession, a tattoo of Pete Davidson’s late father’s fire department badge number on her foot, and the two’s matching “H2GKMO” tat, which stands for “Honest to God, knock me out,” one of Grande’s signature catchphrases.

SHE GOT HOW MANY TATOOS FOR HIM? And he got how many tattoos for her? I don’t think we realized how all this tattoo-getting was probably a preemptive breakup all along. It just makes me wonder if people need to do like a D.A.R.E. program for tattoos. Ya know, like your decision is very much permanent and there is little to no going back after you hop on the train?

Back when I briefly dated my 2BD co-founder in the sixth grade, the thing to do to show your commitment was to put them in your AIM profile. When things were going well, the font size would increase, there would be some flashy graphic, typeface or color options thrown in there, and of course an emphasis on the date (two weeks ago) when your relationship began.


Now, in 2018, we’re out here getting permanent tattoos for each other. It makes no sense actually since social media is way bigger now than it was then, a profile shout out should mean so much more.


Photo Credit: London Reese/Instagram

Can you imagine if you got a Harry Potter tattoo…not for yourself because you love Harry Potter…but for your significant other for how much THEY love Harry Potter?

The way the tabloid headlines make this sound is like they set a date to go to the tattoo parlor together and perform the ritual of covering up the tattoos a legit thing. But based on Grande’s latest song releases and the SNL Weekend Update bits Davidson has been appearing in, you wouldn’t think they’d go back to being friends just yet.

Covering up your tattoos for your ex is so unnecessary, for really no other reason besides the fact you should’ve never committed to someone in ink in the first place. Literally, tattoos are more permanent than marriage! SMH, people. I think we’re all looking forward to seeing this couple move on, and maybe giving Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin a chance to step back into the spotlight after A&P totally stomped on them during their brief romance earlier this year.

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