Nobody Sells Christmas Trees Quite Like Zach’s Winter Emporium in Ravena

“Come on down and get ya tree from ZWE”

Zach Collins has been running the Zack Winterland Emporium in Ravena for a half a decade and every year his operation has gotten bigger. He and his wife, Kaitlyn, started out by selling Christmas wreaths during the holiday season to make a little extra holiday cash and before he knew it, Zach’s business took on new life.

“My wife and I started selling wreaths for some Christmas money and then my father in law and father talked me into selling Christmas trees the following year,” Collins said. “We started off with 60 trees. The next year we sold 120 then 200 then 277 and this year I’m hoping to sell 300 trees.”

This is what I’m sayin. Every success story usually starts out small then takes shape and there’s no exception here. Once the word got out about Zach’s trees and wreaths ZWE has grown every year exponentially.

In today’s economic climate we’re always stressing the importance small businesses and how you should buy local and not go to the box stores. If you get a tree from ZWE, it’s more than just buying a tree. You’re receiving an experience and helping provide for a growing family that just had their second kid. I’m not sure how many other reasons you need to take the ride to Ravena and check it out for yourself. That is if you use a real tree for Christmas. If you set up a fake tree, I’m beginning to question your Christmas spirit in the first place.


Would you just look at this sorry as piece of plastic trying to pose as a real Christmas tree? People who use this are the same people with the fake fruit bowl on their dining room table. Even though I’m being satirical and you shouldn’t really take my words at a face value, getting a real tree over a fake one should be a no brainer.

ZWE has a wide selection of trees and wreaths and also provides something for the whole family.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 2.53.14 PM

“We have Balsam and Fraser Fir Christmas trees. They range from 5’-15’. We have a wide variety of wreaths. Some are very decorated and others just have a bow. We have grave blankets and sell white pine and cedar roping. We sell tree stands, watering tools for the trees, tree disposal bags. We have hand made decorations that kids in the area make. We started selling sweatshirts this year too.”


This thing is blowing up. Why don’t ya just pack the family in the car and take part of a local experience.

They’re located at 898 State Route 143, Ravena, New York 12143. You can find more information on their Facebook page.

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  1. Kathi

    Great family business!

  2. April Pisciotta

    I’m always excited when I can support a small llocal business. We went today to get our tree and ended up taking the first Zach showed us-you could just tell by looking at the trees how fresh and green they were…Thanks Zach!


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