The 2BD Squad is Hyped For The First Troy SantaCon December 8

It’s the holiday season and that only means one thing: it’s time to go a few buttons deep (wait, that’s actually any time of year). What I meant to say was that it’s time to go a few buttons deep during the holidays for a GOOD CAUSE –which is why you need to grab your Santa hat and make some plans with your squad to attend the very first Troy SantaCon on December 8.


What’s cooler than being the first to do something? While SantaCons are a thing all over the country, it’s about time we start a tradition like this here in Troy, and thanks to Labbatt Blue and Magic Hat, it’s happening.

And in case you’re not familiar with what a SantaCon event is all about, it’s basically a bar crawl where everyone who’s participating dresses up as Santa or in some sort of very “extra” holiday attire.

You might see some people dressed up like Will Ferrell in Elf, girls wear tree skirts as real skirts (like I did below circa 2015), dudes in those suits with reindeer and snowflakes on them –it’s an all-out type of event where people want to show off their holiday spirit while enjoying a good time drinking around town.

I have SantaCon’d before and let me tell you it is a very, very good time. Typically, I’d make the trek to NYC to participate so I am excited to only have to travel to good old Troy this time around. I will be returning from Brazil the morning of the event, so I know I’m gonna be looking tan AF and ready to get my drink on to overcome jet lag.

Oh yeah, and how about that good cause part? If you bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Ronald McDonald house, you will get yourself a free Labatt Blue Santa hat. Wow! Definitely don’t wanna be the loser who doesn’t have one of those hats when everyone is parading around Troy like they just hopped out of a sleigh.

For more event details, check out the Troy SantaCon Facebook page and make sure you RSVP to let us know who we’ll be seeing going all buttons deep to celebrate the Christmas (and giving) season.


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