2BD’s First Karaoke Night Went Way Better Than We Anticipated

Yesterday 2BD hosted our first karaoke night at the Troy Kitchen. We’ll be doing it every Thursday night from here on out, and it’s definitely not your ordinary karaoke.

We’ve been letting this idea simmer for a few too many months now after the TK had a vacancy on Thursday nights, and Cory thought Karaoke may work, so he dubbed 2BD to host and we put it into motion.

We have no idea how to do this stuff. Last week we were googling if there were apps to use for an archive of songs, but that cost money, and Cory said “fuck it, let’s just use YouTube.”

Youtube? Will that work?


We were skeptical about the operation, we were skeptical about the fact we had 1 single microphone and a small TV for the singer, and we were skeptical that it was 7:15 and there were 3 people in the lounge (it started at 7). Two were there for karaoke but didn’t want to sing, one was there getting drunk.

I did what a good host does, and I put on a show regardless. It doesn’t matter if there’s one single person or a stadium full, you’re a selfish son of a bitch if you don’t treat both opportunities the same.

Cory said he’d be happy if we got 3 sign ups. I agreed.

I knew I had to pull some strings to get the ball moving, so I went on the mic and offered free shots to anyone to wanted to get up. That got some eyeballs from the food court. Next thing I know a few moseyed on over to see what was going on, and before I knew it, we had our first sign up.

It was John Longton.He was late to the event and I made it seem like he was there to sing, and he went with it, but he was really hosting it with Marko and I, but not after he signed up to do some Billy Joel.

Next thing I knew the shot offer worked, we had 3 people sign up, our goal was met, life is good.

But then life got even better, a half hour after the show began the crowds started coming in, and before I knew it there weren’t any free couches and over a dozen people signed up.


We had some incredible singers who could make a run for broadway, and some people who remembered they didn’t know the lyrics halfway through the song. Either way, every person put on a good show in some regard. There were more laughs than lyrics, which was my main goal. Marko, John and myself rotated killing time while YouTube loaded the songs (maybe we should get that software).


Anyways, the way we’re doing our karaoke nights is at the end of the night, the crowd will vote for who their favorite performer was. And last night’s winner got an exclusive, not yet available in stores, 2BD t-shirt. The clear winner was our most talented performance of the night, a passionate performance of “Part of My World” by Little Mermaid, and yes, it was performed by a male. He slayed it.


But inot far behind him came a little guy named Markese, who was probably 8 or 9 and sang “Designer” by Panda and somehow censored every swear word because his Mom was in the crowd watching. Anyways, during the crowd vote he broke his “fun fact” (which I asked every performer) which was that his Brother just died and that he was doing this for him. He really knows how to play the heart strings and the crowd gave him a big applause to give Mermaid guy a run for his money. Since we had two prizes, we called it a tie for our first every karaoke night, which was a much bigger success than we anticipated.


We had a blast and we’re looking forward to next week. Same time, same place, different madness. And EVERYONE who enters next weeks will be getting a prize from our sponsors Sam Adams and Angry Orchard. See you on Thursday at 7.

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