Brett Favre Was Tricked by Anti Semitic Group To Say Messed Up Stuff On Video


Brett Favre says he was duped into recording an anti-Semitic video by a group posing as a veterans organization.

The Hall of Fame hurler was paid $500 to make the recording riddled with coded hate speech and conspiracy theories for the Cameo service, which pays celebrities to record short, personalized video messages.

Posing as a veterans organization, hate groups the Handsome Truth and the Goyim Defense League paid Favre $500 to read a statement that included several veiled anti-Semitic remarks.

-NY Post

Holy fuckin shit. Even though this is not funny at all, it’s also hilarious at the same time. Don’t you think a guy like Brett Favre should have someone looking into the things that he’s agreed upon post retirement? Someone needs to constantly watch this guy. I mean he’s taken a lot of blows to the head, but the fact that this one slipped through the cracks is definitely not a good look for ole number 4.

In the video, which has been taken down from Cameo, he said: “Brett Favre here with a shout-out to the Handsome Truth and the GDL boys. You guys are patriots in my eyes. So keep waking them up and don’t let the small get you down. Keep fighting, too, and don’t ever forget the USS Liberty and the men and women who died on that day. God bless and take care.” 

The “GDL boys” who commissioned the video turned out to be an anti-Semitic group going by the name Goyim Defense League or GDL. (“Goyim” is a Hebrew or Yiddish word for someone who is not Jewish.) The “small” is an apparent reference to “small hats” – a slur for yarmulkes.

Brett’s done some stupid shit before, but this one might take the cake. I honestly didn’t think he could top the dick pic he sent to Jenn Sterger back when he was with the Jets, but boy was I wrong!

If you don’t know about that situation Favre was trying to hook up with a Jet’s entertainer and he thought that he could court her with a good ‘ole fashioned chub pic and a few voicemails that weren’t received in the manor he thought.

The best part about this latest scandal is that he only got paid $500 to read the statement. $500?! This Hall of Famer’s net worth is $100 million. Boy is this story rich on so many levels. After the fact, Favre released a statement saying that he was going to donate the $500 he received to charity. I guess in his mind if he gave the $500 up there would be no harm nor foul. Man I love this gunslinger.

Favre has the most interception in NFL history and he’s used to making haphazard decisions on the fly, but there was no score in sight on this one. I give credit to those anti semites for finessing Favre the way they did, but they can still burn in hell at the end of the day.

What’s getting lost in all this mess is that celebrities are letting people pay them random amounts of money to read a script. Check out this stupid website where B list celebrities literally auction up their soles for peanuts compared to the money they’ve made throughout their careers. It’s called and it makes me hate our society.

I’m honestly not sure what is worse the “celebrities” or the people dying for attention that are willing to pay money to post a vid from one of these assholes that don’t give a shit about them? Either way I’m going to capitalize on this movement and if you venmo me $5 I’ll say just about anything on anyone of your social media platforms.


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