Nobody Loves Two Buttons Deep More Than Marko’s Big Italian Family

This weekend Troy played host to one of the more peculiar events this city gathers for…The Victorian Stroll.

We did coverage last year of the 35th annual, and I thought it was pretty funny so I didn’t want to repeat it. Plus with our all buttons deep coverage of Cask & Crossgates the night before, I figured it’d best to take the day off and enjoy the stroll like a normal Troy boy.

During C&C Marko personally invited me and my family to come to a family Victorian Stroll party at his apartment, I was honored, of course I accepted. 

Marko love telling stories about his classic Italian family born & raised with Troy grit. From his Grandmother to his Aunts and parents, it seemed to be a cast of characters, and I was ready to have a meet and greet. And let me tell you, Italian family meet and greets serve waaaay better food than celebrity meet and greets. I had a drink in my hand and a cluster of classic homemade dishes available to me before I even took 3 steps.

To be fair, Marko’s apartment is fairly small, however upwards of 25+ people including 2 cute babies all somehow fit comfortably in the one bedroom apartment.

Anyways, great food was eaten and even better laughs were had. It was my kind of party. Everyone was very loud but also very nice and welcoming. Football on the TV, the food was so good I was still grabbing more even when it was cold, and the fridge was stocked with nothing but Champagne, Michelob Ultra and Bud Light. (Whiskey and sangria was on the table).

Just when I thought the party couldn’t be much better, Marko started breaking out the 2BD stickers. I’d say the group was an average of 2-3 buttons deep at that point, which is when we really start to thrive, and next thing I knew they were chanting Two Buttons Deep. And that’s when I realized Marko’s family might be out biggest supporters.

Does it get any better than that? Nah. Brand loyalty from pure Troyalty. I love it. 

However one member of his family (I lost track) said to me “we’re a big crazy family, and once you’re welcomed in, you’re stuck with us, you’re never gonna leave!” and I’m still trying to figure out if that was an invitation or a threat.

Also, we never made it to the stroll. 

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