I Took A Social Media Hiatus

I’m sure you’ve all noticed my silence on Twitter over the last week and a half. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to my loyal followers for not giving you a fair warning that I would be pulling my college football picks out from under you at such a crucial point in the season. I hope you’ve found a way to pay your rent.

I’ve been on a break from all social media. All of it. No Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook. It’s felt weird, but to be honest, the only things I miss are supporting the Two Buttons Deep brand and getting the occasional chuckle at a tweet or video.

Let me be real here: I’ve really enjoyed my time away from the social media noise. As much as I like passing the time on those apps, my eyes were constantly glued to my phone judging and comparing myself to others and that just wasn’t healthy for me. I’m not here to convince anyone to join me in 2005, I know how great social media can be, but I thought I’d share my experience to this point.

You would think my screen time has been cut in half, but it really hasn’t changed much at all. I’ve fed my phone addiction with a healthy dose of games including Wordscapes, Angry Birds, Fill, and Word Stacks. With the exception of Angry Birds, I’ve been able to convince myself that these games are actually helping my cognitive abilities. I’m a few hours behind most news that I would’ve gotten from Twitter, but at least I’m training myself for the national championship of anagrams. If that actually existed, I’d crush that shit.

So yea, I’m still killing my free time on my phone at my temporary job, but it feels good to be a little more disconnected from the narcissism of the social media world. I’ll be back on Twitter and Instagram soon enough, but for now, I’m going to see how life goes shifting my focus to myself instead of what everyone else chooses to share.

I also owe an apology to the rest of the 2BD squad for this abrupt silence. I am all in on growing this brand and giving our followers stuff to talk about, obviously this decision hampers my ability to do so. I’m finally getting settled in a job in the Albany area (I had been living in the Adirondacks) this month and I plan to write a lot more as I get into a routine of working, dying at Metabolic Meltdown, and writing for Two Buttons Deep.

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