Ten Questions Deep with Sue Kerber, The Soap Queen of RAD Soap Co.

Who doesn’t want to be a queen? Dumb question…no one. I mean, seriously, how many individuals can be affectionately nicknamed the king or queen of their own empire? Well, such a title doesn’t come undeserved for Sue Kerber, the founder of RAD Soap Co. based in Albany, and sitting down with her for a afternoon certainly had me bowing down to her sweet-smelling throne.

For the past decade, Sue and her two sons have been perfecting their recipes for what some people call the best bars of soap in the world. The best! And not in the Donald Trump voice –truly the best bars $8-10 can buy.

Side note: A little background on this episode. We shot this episode with Sue with the intention that it would be the preimere of 10QD. But, of course this is a business with a lot of moving parts and deadlines, so we launched with Dan Bronson’s episode instead (equally great, if you ask me).

I was a bit hesitant switching up the order because ya know, there’s always nerves involved with starting something new, especially when you’re on camera in front of a white wall with a total stranger, and I just wanted things to feel like they were coming out in the order we did them so people could *obviously* see how drastically my interview skills had improved after just one episode.

OK, side note over. Anyway, before we sat down with Sue, Jack and I took a trip to RAD’s Stuyvesant Plaza retail storefront and got our hands dirty, well actually clean, with some of RAD’s signature products. Most importantly, though, we fell in love with the Soap Queen before the cameras started to roll.

Check out Episode 2 of our 2BD Original Series, Ten Questions Deep, below and stay tuned for more episodes where I’ll be interviewing the most interesting people in the Capital Region and hoping they’ll go at least a few buttons deep with me along the way.

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