Limbo is A Way Better Adult Party Activity Than a Piñata, And You Will Agree With Me on This at the 2BD Holiday Party December 20

This week on the Squadcast, we were running through some of the events 2BD has coming up in the schedule, and of course we had to get right into the Christmas spirit and talk about Miracle on 4th Street, our holiday party coming up on December 20 at 2BD HQ, AKA the Troy Innovation Garage.

In addition to food and drinks, cheery Christmas music and obviously the natural entertainment partying with the 2BD squad brings, we want to add some extra fun things into the evening like a Christmas wrapping present contest, some live Christmas performance, an appearance from the infamous James Claus of Saratoga Springs, and maybe a limbo contest or a piñata, according to Jack.

I’m just here to follow up on my reaction to the idea of doing a piñata from the Squadcast, because I am OUT on piñatas at any type of party anywhere. Always have been. Ever since I was a kid, I steered way clear of all the idiots waving around a stick or a bat trying to knock something out of the air and make it explode.

You think adults consuming alcohol are going to be more responsible with that type of party activity than a little kid with limited motor skills? Hell no. Boys are always weirdly competitive, and since actual people with strength would be hitting the thing, it’d be over in a heartbeat. I want a party activity that is going to last a while and get the people going! Like limbo, obviously.

Who doesn’t want to make fun of their un-flexible friends and watch someone crush the limbo game like they’ve been attending a secret limbo society club since childhood? There could be some Santa hats to make it a little more challenging, again –alcohol involved but in a safer, more fun activity…it’s a no brainer and I am selling limbo HARD for this event.

Now, like John mentioned in the Squadcast, it’s not like we’re relying on these two silly party ideas as what’s going to draw ourselves a crowd for Miracle on 4th Street. We’ve got food and drinks from The Ruck, a specialty beverage courtesy of 2BD that is quite literally TBD, and, most importantly, you can bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Boys and Girls Club of Lansingburgh. 

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by going a few buttons deep to spread Christmas cheer and help out others in the local community by donating a gift to make their Christmas extra special this year. So, see ya there? Do some light stretches in advance and DO NOT bring a baseball bat to hit a stupid piñata with. Thanks.



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