The Bachelor’s Chop – Marko’s Obnoxiously Stuffed Chicken

We launched my new cooking show, The Bachelor’s Chop…

Hey guys so this is The Bachelor’s Chop, a cooking “show” where I basically try and make something and commentate on the disaster it most likely will be.

Take everything with a grain of salt and join me on this continuously unpredictable journey, I hope to help you kill some time during your day and maybe have a few laughs.

To all chef critics, I’m not a chef, and neither are you, real chefs wouldn’t critique this because they are busy at restaurants, save your time.

To all supporters of Two Buttons Deep, I love yas, you mean a lot to me and it’s been great to grow in front of you yet still keep my foundation immature.

I also never heard of a head of asparagus. I’m not sure where that came from.

Here goes nothing.



How do you feel?

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