Taylor’s Monday Motivation: Suck it Up, Be Your Own Hype Man (Or Woman)

Marko, where you at, man? The people NEED you to hit them with that Monday Motivation bright and early and well, guess what? Haven’t seen it in a while.

But clearly, I’ve been missing this motivational content on 2BD because this morning as I was driving to the gym, I felt like I needed to do one of three things: give myself a slap in the face, flip the rearview mirror in my own direction and have a personal pep talk mid-lane switch, or turn around and go back to bed and try again later.

I needed something to get me going and get myself to realize that this week, I’m in control. There’s nothing worse than just feeling bad about yourself and letting one particular, personal situation get you down when there’s so much other good shit to focus on and get excited about.

Is whodatgirl feeling a little down lately? You bet! Chances are a lot of us are feeling that way, too –whether it’s the holidays, something personal or just a little funk we can’t quite explain yet.And any time we’re in a situation where we’re facing rejection or getting used to being on our own with less emotional support, it can be hard to remind ourselves of our real purpose.

Every day starts and ends with you (especially when you’re 20-something and soaking up every moment of selfishness you’re still allowed to have), and we can’t expect to have a personal cheerleader wanting to be our hype man or woman by our side at all times. It’s obviously way too easy to let the negative stuff bring us down and get caught up in what’s missing from your life instead of what’s making it so good.

Is someone not texting you back? Be stronger than the annoying person you so desperately want to be and instead of sending four iMessages back-to-back, toss your phone in airplane mode and go do something else.

Are you fishing for compliments and validation from others on social media or IRL? Don’t wait around for someone to tell you how awesome you are because you already KNOW how awesome you are. Duh. Make a mental note of all the things you’re doing on a daily basis that are helping you get to where you want to go. There’s no point in looking back on the past and forcing yourself to stand still when we need to be moving forward in some way every day.

Do you know exactly what it is that’s making you unhappy, stressed, anxious or upset? Call it out. Suck it up. Don’t hide it. Tell yourself you’re stronger with out all of these mental road blocks and move the F on whether you want to or not. Find a way to lift yourself up without waiting for someone to stroll back in your life or be the crutch that gets you over this hurdle. We are independent people, and we can thrive in times of loneliness, quiet or temporary darkness.

For me, maybe writing this will help get me back into a good headspace. I put 100 percent effort into everything, I overcommit, I bounce back and forth from a million places and projects at once, and I have to recognize that all that work is getting me somewhere, and I don’t have to know today exactly where it’ll land me, and I definitely don’t need anybody at this exact point in time to make me feel better about myself. I got the [girl] power.



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