High School Football Coach Forced to Resign After Running Up The Score

DONALDSONVILLE — Drey Trosclair, who restored Ascension Catholic’s gridiron glory in just four years as the high school’s head football coach, is out of a job less than a week after leading the Bulldogs to their second consecutive state championship game.

School administrators and the Diocese of Baton Rouge won’t say why a coach with a 23-5 record over the last two years is suddenly out of the game.

Trosclair suspects it’s because some team boosters received Superdome field passes for last week’s title game over the administration’s objections, and his reluctance at signing a contract in which he pledged to not run up the score.

Also, during an earlier meeting with administrators between the Bulldogs’ third and fourth games in mid-September, Trosclair said he was told the team’s high-scoring wins were prompting complaints and didn’t look good for Ascension Catholic.

Trosclair said that the administrators wanted him to sign a contract promising to try to keep the games closer, within 14 points. At the time of the Sept. 21 meeting, Ascension Catholic was just off a 30-point victory over Kipp Renaissance.

Trosclair said that restricting his team’s offensive output would deprive second- and third-string players a chance to play, but that he signed the agreement so he could continue coaching.

-The Advocate

What. A. Crock. Of. Shit. How are you going to make your head football coach sign a contract promising to keep the games within 14 points?! Do they not realize by the time the game is out of hand the backups are playing? This is the only time that they will see the field and your basically telling them to knee it three times then punt the fucking ball because you don’t want to embarrass the other team.

Well guess what? Football is a fuckin man’s sport. Sometimes you need to get your teeth kicked in for a nice little reality check. Telling a team not to outscore an opponent by two touchdowns because it is a bad PR look is the reason why I fuckin hate PR.

How bout not naming a winner at the end of the game and everyone wins the state title, right? I know there’s other things going on with this story about sideline passes and boosters and shit, but I just wanted to address the fact that an administration really made a coach sign a contract not to run up the score.

It comes in waves. Every team has gotten blown out and have also beat the brakes off of others. It’s a pendulum. It goes both ways. So you’re trying to tell me from now on we won’t have up and down seasons we’re all just gonna live in mediocrity? Just so no one gets hurt or offended. Well guess what now I’m fuckin offended.

The University of Miami used to get embarrassed by teams in the 70s. All the big schools would run up the score on that little team from Coral Gables. Then they got good and they remembered those ass kickings. Guess what they did? Ran up the fucking score. It goes both ways.

Let’s not bubble wrap our kids and then have them get smacked in the face by reality. Let those little fuckers get their teeth kicked in and get schooled in trials and tribulations.




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